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Your brand and user experience matter. Plan, build and host high-end corporate events at scale.

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Supercharge your growth

Events are all about engagement and driving ROI. From community building to lead generation, now you can grow every stage of your sales & marketing funnel with content and experiences that inspire while hitting all your business objectives.

Branding is everything

Brand your event with a bespoke platform to seamlessly fit your corporate identity. Your brand doesn't cut corners and neither do we…

Comprehensive support

We will help you plan, design, build and manage every aspect of your event and guide you through our comprehensive analytics and reporting tools…

Go big

Our serverless infrastructure allows you to scale up your event to host as many attendees as you want without those downtime fears. So you can rest easy that your show will always go on…

Scalable and secure integrations

Not only are we constantly adding integrations to all the most popular tools on the market but Dexper is built on top of some of the most robust enterprise-grade security that exists and with the highest data integrity certification standards.

Drive engagement

Engage your audience with a premium and branded digital event that your attendees will remember.


Live broadcasting

Broadcast live or pre-recorded premium content


Chat, polls, Q&A and gamification

Run custom chat rooms, dynamic Q&As or try gamification


Breakouts and sponsor meetings

Organize sessions with specialists and sponsors


Personalize your schedule

Build personalised schedules with rich content suggestions



Create multi-stage events for diverse audiences

Some of the events powered by Dexper



Monitor ROI with real-time analytics

Keep your stakeholders in the loop with deep event analysis and an extensive real-time dashboard. Track all the macro and micro-interactions of each attendee thanks to our machine learning engine that will put millions of data points into context for you...

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